Studio Renovation: The Process

We (well, Todd) added a 3 ft. strip to the room, a 7 x 10 ft. room, and a new closet for Todd.  This means we had to take away about 7′ from the length of our basement, as well as a 3 ft. strip.  But our basement was so loooooong that it doesn’t appear much shorter.  Here are some pics to help describe the remodel.  Next post will be exciting pictures of the completed project.


Pre-renovation, view 1


Pre-renovation, view 2


Looking at double doors into studio from living area. Double doors and wall removed; wall bumped out by about 3 ft. and single door re-installed.



Brody the dog is very upset that we are taking 7 ft. off the back wall.


Inside studio with the new 3 ft. strip, single door, and closet torn out.


Messy junk piled in corner


New closet with drywall; bookshelves in corner removed.


New 7 x 10′ room in the center of the pic. This is about the same view as pre-renovation picture view 2.


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