Here is a small sampling of bracelets from LeMyers Designs.  To order bracelets that are currently available through Etsy, click here.  You can also contact me directly to order.  Click on or hover over picture for item number.  Metal options are available on most styles:

Metal Options:

  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Silver (some styles are sterling, some silver filled)

Various Bracelet Styles

Large Beads with Center Ring Bracelet

$35.00 each

Open Rectangle Frame Leather Bracelet 

$35.00 each

Double Banded Leather Bracelet with Large Hand Formed Center Ring

$58.00 each

Triple Banded Leather Bracelet with Hand Formed Center Ring

$38.00 each

Multi-Strand Leather and Beads Bracelets

(Beads may vary slightly from photo)

$38.00 each

Triple Wrap Leather Bracelets